Orange Surprise


Orange Jelly Crystals - 1 pkt

Orange/Vanilla ice-cream - 1/2 litre

Whipped Topping - 1 Pkt (made with 125ml Milk)

Orange segments - a few


  • Make a paste of the Jelly Crystals with 2 spoons of warm water in a dish.
  • Put 2 cups of water to boil in a pan.
  • Pour the hot water on the jelly paste, stirring all the time, to avoid the jelly sticking to the sides and bottom of the mould.
  • Keep stirring till it cools.
  • Semi – melt the ice – cream . If using ice – cream mix, make the ice – cream till the beating stage. Use once light and fluffy and doubled in quantity.
  • Beat The Whipped Topping with 125ml chilled milk as per the directions on the packet.
  • Add cooled but liquid jelly and the Whipped Topping. Mix well.
  • Pour into a dish and set. Decorate with orange segments and cream.

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