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With over 6 decades of industry expertise,

we’ve got what it takes to be the best in the business, ensuring consistent quality and taste in all our products. Our private labels can help you save time and effort on extensive research, development and production costs, delivering your desired products with your chosen packaging and design. 

Based in Nashik, today, we make private label products for over 20+ brands

Whether it is within the country or overseas, our products are formulated keeping in mind the taste palette of each individual market that we cater to.

Customizable size & packaging

Unmatched quality and trust

Affordable pricing

versatile range of packaging options

All our private-label products are designed exclusively to suit your requirements. With a versatile range of packaging options, we also cater to specific design needs, giving your product an identity of its own. Choose from a variety of packaging styles and sizes and be assured to get only the best. 

PET/Poly jars

Tin Cans

Laminate packing

Bag in Box

Standee pouches

Bulk packs

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