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8 of the Best Remote Jobs for College Students

If you’re advanced, you’re looking at around £50+, and that’s still pretty low. Have confidence in your skills and scour the market to see what else other people charge for video editing. While this isn’t a “job”, it’s a way to earn some extra cash on the side. And who knows, if your notes are in demand, then you really could make this your job.

best remote jobs for college students

These online language classes can be conducted online, and many are searching for simple conversational skills. It’s not a lot for the amount of work you do when you compare it with other online jobs for students on the list, though. Working from home doing online jobs for students should save you some money.

Best Remote Online Jobs For Students

Working this kind of remote job in college is a great way to develop your hard and soft skills. Having a remote job as a college student allows you to earn money and build your experience in a way that works around your life as a student. It offers a great balance, no matter how many hours you put in at your remote job each month. A remote job, or an online job, is a job that is done remotely, instead of in the employer’s office.

Now that you have a good idea of the best virtual job options out there, let’s see some tips on how to navigate the world of remote working. Here’s a summary of the top five Lensa picks for university students looking for remote work. While there are some downsides to remote working such as a lack of social connection, there’s no doubt that there are a lot of benefits. With remote working becoming more common, it’s important to know how to make virtual or remote onboarding both enjoyable and stimulating.

More Remote Jobs

Video is one of the largest and most profitable forms of content on the internet, which means that the profession is in high demand right now. As a video editor, you will be responsible for managing the footage, sound effects, dialogue, and special effects to captivate the watcher. Captioners usually get paid $0.45 for every minute of video they caption. Most freelancing gigs pay up to $0.36 per minute for any audio you transcribe. Usually, a company requires words per minute with an accuracy rate of 98%. Your degree can open up a whole world of exciting opportunities, but as many of…

Of course, most of your tasks may be hands-on tasks that require you to be at your computer, but capitalise on any opportunity to move while you work. It’s important paid remote jobs for college students to stay organised when you’re working from your home space. Write a clear to-do list at the start of each working day and work through it methodically.

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Some remote jobs are more flexible than others, but most of the time you can work whenever best suits you. Some remote jobs require you to put in a certain number of hours or days each week, while others will simply ask you to time-manage and make sure you meet your deadlines. Remote jobs for college students of this kind in the US pay up to $16 per hour. Whether that be from your university accommodation, your parents’ or at your local coffee shop, online jobs for students allow you to work from wherever you’re most comfortable.

  • A coding bootcamp can definitely help you qualify for remote jobs in the tech industry.
  • Freelance remote jobs in digital marketing, web design, and community management for social media are on the increase and many don’t require a wealth of experience.
  • This is especially great for students who are looking to expand their skills for their future careers.
  • If your course is intensive, you need to decide how many hours you can commit to an online job.
  • YouTubers and podcasters regularly pay for this service to repurpose their content.
  • Creating a professional resume with all the relevant information and ensuring it’s compelling can be difficult.

You’ll assist customers with inquiries, resolve issues, and provide phone, email, or chat support. The digital age is upon us and with it has come lots of new types of jobs. Virtual assistants offer admin services such as organising calendars, sorting out invoices and paperwork, managing communications, and other tasks that make the employer’s life easier. Studying in the UK can be hard, especially when it comes to financial support.

Many companies who recruit online use systems called Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) that scan applicants’ resumes for important keywords. If those keywords don’t show up, your resume might get rejected automatically. So, be sure to read the job description carefully to try to identify some of these keywords, which usually show up in the required skills section. Web designers are graphic designers who specialize in websites and often help digital marketing agencies or companies create or improve their website visually. Web developers work behind-the-scenes to make beautiful web designs a reality.

best remote jobs for college students

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